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Teachers Tax return services in Australia

Our team of accountants specializes in teacher’s tax returns and tax return deductions.

If you are looking for a safe and professional accounting firm to lodge your tax return, you found it!

Apply here for your tax return and send us all your expenses and we will make sure to maximize your tax return by claiming all your teacher tax return deductions.


Tips on expenses you can claim as teacher’s tax return deductions

  1. Union fees, teaching registration fees and costs.
  2. Teaching supplies that were not paid for or reimbursed by your school.
  3. Blue card applications.
  4. Professional membership fees.
  5. Uniforms (or clothing with the company/school logo on it) including laundry costs.
  6. Travel expenses.
  7. Any relevant overnight stay costs.
  8. Car/travel expenses.
  9. Home internet bill if you work from home.
  10. Phone expenses that were not paid for or reimbursed by your school.
  11. Protective hat and sunscreen used when working outside.
  12. Training and self-education course fees and related expenses related to your current job.

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