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Tax File Number application in Australia

Your tax file number (TFN) is your personal reference number for tax and superannuation.

Your TFN is an important part of your tax and super records so when you receive it, please keep it secure.

Without a TFN you’ll pay up to half of your wage to tax! Save money and time let us organize it for you. Our team of accountants will always put your first and we will work closely with the Australian authorities to offer you the best financial services at great prices.


TFN services safe and easy


Don’t pay HALF of your money in TAX! If you are planning to start a job in Australia, first start with your Tax File Number (TFN). Without a Tax File Number (TFN) you will be working for half price. The TFN is the equivalent of the UK National insurance number or Irish PPS Number. Everyone who wants to work in Australia needs it.

Tax File Numbers can be time-consuming and tricky to obtain by yourself.
BuddyHQ handle all the paperwork for you so you can concentrate on enjoying your time in Australia.
The money you pay in taxes is not lost….YOU can apply with BuddyHQ for a tax refund.
For just $49, we will organise your TFN application so you can start working as soon as you like.
Students from Redhill colleges can apply for TFN Free of Charge.

Are you planning to work in Australia?

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Apply for TFN


The time it takes to get your TFN is usually around 10 working days.


When your TFN is ready we will send the original document in PDF to your email address.