Professional tax return services

Professional tax return services

We work closely with the Australian authorities and, together with our vast experience in the tax area, we can complete any refund requirement in a short time.

An experienced team of accountants

An experienced team of accountants

We place our customers' satisfaction first, so our accountant team is at the highest level to recover the maximum amount of your fees in the shortest possible time.

Tax return for a wide range of people

Tax return for a wide range of people

For residents, work visas, 457 visa, students or backpackers we at BuddyHQ have top quality service for tax return in Australia.


Australia tax refund

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If you have worked in Australia for a period of time, you have the right to apply for tax return. During your work period, the employer has retained taxes out of your pay, but at the end of the fiscal year or once you have left Australia, you have the right to get them back, fully or partially.


A lot of people overpay tax without realising it. You could be due a return if you worked in Australia or were taxed incorrectly or perhaps didn’t work for the full year. We can check out your details and tell you for $25 what you’re owed. We provide a safe and professional Australian tax return service and take the trickiness out of tax returns.

Australian tax return


Get Your Income Tax Return Today

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Applying for your Australia tax return with BuddyHQ is the right choice!

When can you get your tax return?

When you’ve finished working OR at the end of June. (Australian financial year runs from 1st of July to 30th of June)

How it works?

When you work in Australia you pay tax on all of your income.

To apply for your income tax return just fill in our online application form.

We will email you again once we receive your income tax assessment (refund or payable)



Experienced Team Of Accountants for your tax return

Tax return processing time

4 weeks for early end of year assessments (made before June),
2 weeks for end of year assessments.

You don’t have your payment documents?

No worries! we can get your final pay slips for you.

income tax return services

Experienced tax agents

Our tax agents specializes in tax return services and helped thousands of people with their tax return and superannuation return– We prove our fees by giving you your Notice of Assessment.

Refund anywhere

Your Australian income tax return and super refund can be deposited into any bank account in Australia or in any other country.